Posters & Cover art


Cover art for season 01 of the music podcast Lysgaard Leverer. I have made a lot of these, but if I showed you all of them we would be here all day.

Nabovarsel posters

Nabovarsel is Bergen’s most critically acclaimed club night, spanning over a decade of quality underground electronic music. It also functions as a record label, podcast network and blog. I have been head of design for this lovable band of misfits since 2009.

The poster for our February festival is pretty special, since it includes a website and a live-stream as an integral part of the poster itself. You can see the whole thing at, if it’s still up there.

See the whole site & live stream

The live-stream of the festival is now a recording of course, but the weird site still lives.

Limited editions available in the shop

In addition to the “regular” event based posters, we have made some pretty super exclusive limited edition silk screened posters as well. You might wanna check those out.