Seamless patterns in Photoshop: 2 key (free) tools

Do you like patterns? We do! If you have ever worked on making seamless patterns, either for a simple website background or some crazy wallpaper for example, you have probably come up against some trouble with photoshop. It’s really hard to get your head around how to make them tile beautifully without visible seams, and you can forget about previewing them as they would appear, repeated.

Both I and my brother Ola work with making seamless patterns in Photoshop quite a bit So over time, we have developed our own tools both for making and previewing them. It can be really hard for beginners to make seamless, tiling patterns that look OK when they are repeated over and over again. So here’s a little something to help!

a pattern of goodness

The toolset, aptly called The Lysgaard Brothers’ Amazing Pattern Gizmos 3000, contains these two things:

  1. Ola’s photoshop action that (smartly) duplicates stuff around your work-surface to make your seams truly invisible. This is a must-try if you work with patterns at all.
  2. Jacob’s Browser Preview Gizmo, that lets you see how your pattern will look repeated, as you are working on it. So as you are working on your pattern in Photoshop, you can continually check how it will look repeated in different sizes in a browser window.

There is a Readme included in the download folder that will explain in more detail. But rest assured, it’s really easy to get going and will make your patterns much more badass. And in half the time, I bet. 

Don’t be afraid to leave us a comment here on the site, and show us what you make using it! I’ll include a gallery of what different people have made with it below the download button for you to see.

Download the toolset

made using our pattern toolsmade using our pattern toolsmade using our pattern tools


Jacob’s Julesmudi 2016

I’ve whipped up a playlist for all of you people that will flip out the next time someone plays “Jingle Bells” in your general vicinity, but still has hope for a peaceful, joyous holiday season. Ho ho ho. Don’t murder anyone. Tell them to put this playlist on instead. IT HAS NO CHRISTMAS MUSIC. But it’s still jolly as balls.

I’ll be adding to it as the yuletide grown near, so subscribe now and worry not.

Double single released

I just released two new songs,  “Number Eight Forgets His Medication” and the B-side, “A Small Opening Behind Cell Block D”. Check them out! Links to everything below the video. Here’s something from the press release:

Lysgaard’s doesn’t explain what the titles “Number Eight Forgets His Medication” and “A Small Opening Behind Cell Block D” really means, but if his previous work is anything to go by, we are moving through an absurdist version of Detroit Techno territory. The release follows up this summer’s vinyl release of “Assemble EP”, which sold out on Juno records in two days. Thankfully, digital doesn’t sell out that easily.
The cover art is supplied by the eclectic Belgian/Spanish illustrator Gabri Molist, featuring a short comic based on the two songs.

Juno Download:


Free track: Bass Ventura


So somehow I managed to promise you, in a semi-live radio broadcast even, that I would be handing out this madness of a track to you. So here you go, I guess.

Bass Ventura is an ode to Hotline Bling, really. In a weird, mosh-pit head-thrusting kind of way. Hope you like it. God help us all.  (more…)

I made a jam you can download

I just got some new hardware to play with, and recorded this live jam after an hour or so of tinkering. Can’t wait to use this stuff in some more advanced musical pieces!

In the meantime, you’re free to download this one all you want. =)

New podcast episode

podcast illustrationIt’s time for part two of our DJ NuTeq feature on the Nabovarsel podcast!

This in hour two of his epic journey through sound, in his classic ElektrOdyssé format. Go have a listen to it at, or go subscribe (for free) in iTunes!

Open in iTunes

 And here is the cover art I made for the episode:

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