More photos with the new camera

Looks like this new camera is kind of addictive… These photos are from a recent trip to Denmark, and the Norwegian Constitution day. liv og carl i danmark 17Mai2014-052 17Mai2014-060 17Mai2014-071 17Mai2014-087 17Mai2014-089


My new neighborhood

So, we just signed the contract on a beautiful new apartment, in the Fredriksberg area of Copenhagen.

We haven’t moved yet, so I’m spending some time in the general area with a camera to get to know my new surroundings. Here is a collection of some pretty storefront signs, cute neighborhood bars, and our new front door!

And yeah, I used one of those stupid photo apps. Sue me.

In other news, I’m turning up the dials on my poster and silk screening production. Getting all the stars aligned for it is talking a little time, but stay tuned for some new stuff showing up in the store before long!

Film scans

I got some more old rolls back from the labs, this time loads of cross processed 35mm LCA. And let me stress this: These come straight from my scanner, no photoshopping or other post production of any kind.
Some of these are from my time at KiB (Bergen school of arts), like this one:

The story behind this one is that we were given a task to create a merging of the natural and the synthetic, so we made a bear out of moss and branches. You might see it, striding over the big rock:

Others are just pretty ‘cus the missus is in them:

Here’s the lowdown:

If anyone is into Ffffound and dropular and stuff, stop by and say hi! Here’s a spotify playlist for you too, even though some of these tracks are pretty embarrassing I guess. Happy sundays guys!

Stöv promotion

I just found this portfolio piece I did about two years ago, dunno why it hadn’t been posted before. Anyways, here it is. It’s a collaboration with my girlfriend, the brilliant and beautiful photographer Ane Yrja Holter. It’s a band called Stöv, (which I incidentally play in), and it was shot in one of the huge back rooms of Tou scene, a venue i Stavanger we were playing.

Found some pics of the process, too (click to biggify):

Lots of Holga love

film_120_3-3Just got some wonderful rolls back from the lab!

It’s been a while since i was the most active lomographer in the country, but i still cling to all my old cameras. Digital photography is convenient, but seriously, if you want all the warmth and.. i dunno, goodness, of photography, film is the only way to go.

Unfortunately, when everyone else in the world have gone digital, developing film is a bit harder. Plus, i mostly shoot on cross processed 120-film, which is kinda like showing up at a party as the dj with.. cassettes or something. You get the idea.

When i finally found a shop that would take my funky films (after 1 phone call, 2 emails and a trip to every single photo shop in town), it turns out my film is being sent to Stavanger, developed by hand (the machines won’t take it), and presto. Maybe my best accidental photography work as of yet. Most certainly not the most technically proficient work, but by far the most fun to shoot. Take  a look!

PS. for any locals reading, the wonderful photography shop is the tiny one right down from Pepper. I reckon he makes his living changing batteries in wristwatches these days.