Nabovarsel poster collection


I have gotten to make a lot of weird posters for Nabovarsel over the years. Here is a small collection of some I could find. The oldest ones (up top) date all the way back to 2010, ancient times.

The poster for our February festival is pretty special, since it includes a website and a live-stream as an integral part of the poster itself. You can see the whole thing at, if it’s still up there.

See the whole site & live stream

The live-stream of the festival is now a recording of course, but the weird site still lives.

The one-of-a-kind painted poster for the may 17th John Talabot night. He was impressed enough to politely ask us if he could have it, and it now hangs in his home.

Limited editions available in the shop

In addition to the “regular” event based posters, we have made some pretty super exclusive limited edition silk screened posters as well. You might wanna check those out.