Tårn iii


The third iteration in a long-going experiment in space perception and the personality of ink. (Continue reading below)

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“Tårn” is a series of experiments in depth perception, where I play with tricking the eye with simple geometric forms. With “Tårn iii” I’m also using a strange series of coloring processes, where I paint with watercolor, which is converted to a point raster and silk-screened with a varying mix of colors in the frames. This creates some pretty.. unique effects, that can bee seen in the detail shots.

Limited edition of 24 pieces.
Keep in mind, this is a handmade thing, so small variations in the way colour flows across the artwork is to be expected. That’s kinda the point, really.  Look at the different product photos to get an idea, but the differences are hard to spot.

Printed on 64×90 cm paper. However, the actual artwork fits within 50x70cm, so you can trim it down and use a 50×70 frame if you have a thing for efficient use of wall space.

Will be shipped in a reinforced cardboard tube within 3 days of purchase. If you wanna pop by the workshop in bergen and pick it up that’s no problem, you can specify “local pickup” when you check out.

We run a mad pro shop over here! We take all those cards, PayPal, whatever. And Paypal takes care of the money stuff, so you don’t need to trust some guy on the internet (that would be me) with any sensitive information.

Photographer: Øde Øyvind
Workshop assistant & associate producer: Ola Olsen Lysgaard

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Dimensions 64 x 90 cm

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