Lysgaard – Assemble (digital edition)


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From me: Dope music. For dope people. Five Mp3’s in a .Zip file. Make sure you know how to open those.

From the press release:

Lysgaard has been a part of the underground club scene in Norway for over a decade, but previous productions have been released only via memory sticks to trusted colleagues and secret download links. However, they still somehow get into the hands of radio DJs and have been regularly played by stations like Nova in Oslo and Olle Abstract’s Lyd. 

Fun fact: One of the guys from Röyksopp once came into his apartment to tell him “the music is nice, but please turn it down”.

Where most of the music you hear on radio these days can be easily described as “dance music for kids”, Lysgaard’s debut is clearly placed somewhere on the map of “dance music for grown ups”. Lysgaard’s previous forays into a similar musical landscape had him re-appropriating themes from classical music (Satie in particular) and sampling old found cassette tapes from Thailand.

This time he’s sampling everything from 50’s jazz drums to 80’s japanese power pop, and somehow ending up in a futuristic, dirty night club somewhere in Alpha Centauri.
If The Nostromo had a dance deck, this release would be playing on repeat.