Clubland anno 2017

My largest resolution for 2017 is helping to make clubbing more into the safe space it’s supposed to be.

In my life, dance music clubs has been my no.1 “Safe Space”, where I go to be with other people in joy and artistic inspiration, where everyone’s friends, if only for the evening. Where any dance move is cool, where your only authority is the thunderous bass, and you check any greviance at the door.


Legend: Introduction


The following article will attempt to serve as a primer to a project I’m starting, that attempts to solve design problems, albeit communicated mostly through convoluted art-speak.


Where art, design and music bleed into each other: A grafill interview


I Just had a very compelling talk with Dorthe at Grafill about working in the space where art, design and music bleed into each other.

I can talk about these semi-academic themes of cultural osmosis and subconscious references until someone physically stops me, so I’m just happy to have someone write some of this stuff down. I have copied the interview in below, but you can read the whole thing in context over at grafill!


Here’s an argument you can slap the patriarchy with

The next time someone with nice looking pants but an ignorant mindset comes at you with the classic “she asked for it”-argument, here’s a little something you can throw back.

Feel free to use this comic and spread it wherever you like. Also, let me know if you disagree or don’t think you get it. I wanna know so I can get better, after all.



Thanks for hangin out.

New identity for Atella, just in time for their new single!

Atella is releasing new material, and is getting a brand revamp inspired by classic pulpy sci-fi books and retrofuturism to match! Made by me, which is why you’re hearing about it here… I’ve put some of our inspiration stuff on the bottom of the post!

Check out their new track Mechanical Sparrow, with O. Martin on vocals, it seems he managed to record this in the middle of mentoring the rocket ship that is Aurora right now.



Come hang out!

I’m playing records at Robotbutikken today, come hang out with us!
<3 Jacob

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