Adding live processing code to a portfolio project

I decided to spruce up one of my existing case studies a bit; and involve some “live” Processing.js code. The Space Lab profile is based around abstractions of the rings of tree trunks, wind patterns and rock strata, among other things. So making a script that builds these things would naturally be a cool addition to the profile. This is based on Processing code that renders live on the site, so no video or anything like that. Check out the Space Lab case study over here to see it in its full glory! Each time you reload the page, the script will create a new pattern from scratch.

I’ll try to write a proper article on how to use live Processing code in a WordPress page sometime. It wasn’t as simple as all that, so let me know if you are struggling with the same issue and I’ll get off my ass about it!



Testing a new Sigma 30mm f/1.4

It’s mid-June, and the Norwegian summer has seemingly ended and turned into its perpetual fall mode. Which brings overcast skies, great for black-and-white photography.
I decided to spend my day off experimenting with my new Sigma 30mm f/1.4 lens, to see if the hype was justified. It seems it was, very happy with these! They are nowhere near portfolio level shots by any means, but certainly worth the walk, and the lens performs admirably.

It’s hard to see your own familiar surroundings as exotic, or even interesting, but the throngs of tourists with cameras out have made me re-think that stance on my own neighbourhood.
I live in Bryggen, Bergen, a Unesco world heritage site. Which previously have always made me roll my eyes. But today, let’s be a tourist at home.


Testing some new techniques

I’ve been trying out some new illustration techniques lately, found some new ways of having a lot of fun in illustrator. Here are a couple of them!

Next on my list is to make sure there’s no banding, which is quite visible in these two. Not good.

Solo sale exhibit + playlist

I’m glad to announce my first solo sale exhibit it quite some time, this time at Ujevnt, in Bergen! Come hang out one day, the exhibit will be up for a whole month. On display are mostly new projects, some that haven’t even made it to the webshop yet!

I also made a playlist for the opening, filled with a whole lot of new gems I’ve found lately. Subscribe in Spotify!

Clubland anno 2017

My largest resolution going forward is helping to make clubbing more into the safer space it’s supposed to be.

In my life, dance music clubs have been my no.1 “Safe Space”, where I go to be with other people in joy and artistic inspiration, where everyone’s friends, if only for the evening. Where any dance move is cool, where your only authority is the thunderous bass, and you check any grievance at the door.


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