Let’s Breathe

Seems the clearest way for me to implement my ideas is simply making them into merch. The continuing battle of inclusiveness and diversity in club culture is worthy of a helluva lot more than a cup. But then again, how else would you let your cupboard know where you stand on political issues? Next time you invite a date in for coffee, you can let them know you are WOKE AF with every sip.

And this way, I’m putting my mind-fingers on you both when dancing in the wee hours of the night, as well as for breakfast the next morning. I’m turning this creepy without even trying.


Double single released

I just released two new songs,  “Number Eight Forgets His Medication” and the B-side, “A Small Opening Behind Cell Block D”. Check them out! Links to everything below the video. Here’s something from the press release:

Lysgaard’s doesn’t explain what the titles “Number Eight Forgets His Medication” and “A Small Opening Behind Cell Block D” really means, but if his previous work is anything to go by, we are moving through an absurdist version of Detroit Techno territory. The release follows up this summer’s vinyl release of “Assemble EP”, which sold out on Juno records in two days. Thankfully, digital doesn’t sell out that easily.
The cover art is supplied by the eclectic Belgian/Spanish illustrator Gabri Molist, featuring a short comic based on the two songs.

Juno Download:


Jacob’s Friendly Friday

I’m trying a new spin on this Black Friday-rubbish. From now until November 27th, come spend some of that mortal coil on my goods and services, and I’ll send the money over to Unicef instead of lining my own pockets for once. Ho ho ho.

The shop would be this way, ladies


“Assemble” is now available in shops

“Regular people”, that is, people that don’t eat bass drums for breakfast and drink basslines for lunch, probably won´t understand just how big a thing this is.

Well, in my world this is pretty major. Look for me next time you leaf through the fresh batch in your local record shop! Assemble was launched at Robot in Bergen this morning and is being distributed across the nation and world as we speak. If you want to buy it directly from yours truly, you can do that right here.


Live show at Blå + more

Hi guys! Good summer? Good. Me too. I just came back from a DJ-gig at Hjertøya festival, and a live show at Blå celebrating the vinyl release of my EP Assemble. Look for it in your local vinyl shop, or even better; get it straight from the source right here!


We tried to take some fun photos on the tour, so here goes. Peace emoji.

2016-07-29 21.51.01-1


Test pressings have arrived!

test pressings

Ooh, this is exciting.

Admir, my main man from Maksimal records, just stopped by with five test pressings of Assemble. It’s been out on streaming services for a little while now, but of course, vinyl is its own beast.

In related news, the record is also out on BandCamp today, if you like to a) download the tracks for real, if you wanna DJ with them for example, and/or b) support the people who made it directly, without Spotify getting all up in our business on the way.

But of course, vinyl is king, yeah yeah.

And yes, Dune (the book in the photo) is doing very good, well, Duke Leto Atreides is doing real bad (no spoilers) but we’ll best these Harkonnen bastards yet.


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