New product images

As part of the ongoing celebration of the new camera equipment here at HQ(mostly the Sigma 30mm 1.4), I’ve taken some new product images of many of the Riso and screen prints  in the shop. If you like any of them, they are all available! All photos also link to their respective product pages. Some of these prints have been lying around for a long time now, so please help me get these out the door, so there’s room for new ones! Currently I’m doing some painting, to balance out the work I’m doing on some ongoing design projects. Can’t wait to show you both those things!

The backdrop for these shots is my immediate neighbourhood here in Bergen. No, you can’t AirBnb my apartment, but I keep a fresh pot of coffee at all times! And I’m not so picky about the “customers only” rule.

Tower 3, a limited edition sceen print


Posters for a live show

Just finished these posters for a certain someone sharing my last name. It’s gonna be a blast! And it was a lot of fun to take some old illustration techniques into a new direction for this, making some meshes that looks like… knees? And it’s always interesting to take the static design into animation (for social media), even if it’s very basic stuff. It tends to squeeze an extra portion of something out of you every time. Sorry, that might sound a little gross. It’s fun, is what I’m saying.

If you want to dig into my technique; these are mostly made using gradient meshes in Illustrator, first and foremost. I’ve always been a sucker for colorful gradients, but these tricks can take those vibes into a wholly new dimension. Hope you like them too!


Testing some new techniques

I’ve been trying out some new illustration techniques lately, found some new ways of having a lot of fun in illustrator. Here are a couple of them!

Next on my list is to make sure there’s no banding, which is quite visible in these two. Not good.

Seamless patterns in Photoshop: 2 key (free) tools

Do you like patterns? We do! If you have ever worked on making seamless patterns, either for a simple website background or some crazy wallpaper for example, you have probably come up against some trouble with photoshop. It’s really hard to get your head around how to make them tile beautifully without visible seams, and you can forget about previewing them as they would appear, repeated.

Both I and my brother Ola work with making seamless patterns in Photoshop quite a bit So over time, we have developed our own tools both for making and previewing them. It can be really hard for beginners to make seamless, tiling patterns that look OK when they are repeated over and over again. So here’s a little something to help!

a pattern of goodness

The toolset, aptly called The Lysgaard Brothers’ Amazing Pattern Gizmos 3000, contains these two things:

  1. Ola’s photoshop action that (smartly) duplicates stuff around your work-surface to make your seams truly invisible. This is a must-try if you work with patterns at all.
  2. Jacob’s Browser Preview Gizmo, that lets you see how your pattern will look repeated, as you are working on it. So as you are working on your pattern in Photoshop, you can continually check how it will look repeated in different sizes in a browser window.

There is a Readme included in the download folder that will explain in more detail. But rest assured, it’s really easy to get going and will make your patterns much more badass. And in half the time, I bet. 

Don’t be afraid to leave us a comment here on the site, and show us what you make using it! I’ll include a gallery of what different people have made with it below the download button for you to see.

Download the toolset

made using our pattern toolsmade using our pattern toolsmade using our pattern tools


Some small drawings for Den Kulturelle Skolesekken

I made these small & quick drawings of classic game consoles as a small part of a large project for Den Kulturelle Skolesekken, a cultural programme for primary schools in Norway. Lots of fun, despite my shoulders telling me otherwise! And a fun diversion from my other recent projects, like the Apache design and making that crazy pattern generator.

I wish I had more time to spend on these, it’s easy to lose a few hours to just drawing cooling grills and screen glares over and over again. So let me know if you need some vintage hardware drawn!

pencil drawing for Den kulturelle skolesekken pencil drawing for Den kulturelle skolesekkenpencil drawing for Den kulturelle skolesekkenpencil drawing for Den kulturelle skolesekken (more…)

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