Poster for Det Hemmelige Vorspielet

Finally I get to show you this; the poster I made for Det Hemmlige Forspielet, which is Deft artists, Brilliance and Red Bull’s big partypalooza.

This was a super fun project (albeit on a very tight schedule) where I get to do what I do best. Looking forward to getting my hands on the actual paper versions soon! I also made an animated version, for Instagram and such.


An ode to poster cabinets

I’ll readily admit; getting excited enough about a cabinet to blog about them is a mark of a special kind of design nut. Or maybe I’m just magnificently releaved to finally have some organisation of my ten years of poster design. Poster cabinet units like these usually get snatched up instantly when they appear in auctions, so I feel particularly lucky to get some that did’nt come with a ten-fold price hike due to being “vintage” or whatever they call old these days. Organising and storing fancy posters like these, that get deemed unsellable if they aquire the smallest crease, is hard enough when they are regular-sized. But now these 90x70cm ones will be a pain in my ass no more!

Most of the posters you see in these photos are available in the Shop still, so go have a look! (more…)

Let’s Breathe

Seems the clearest way for me to implement my ideas is simply making them into merch. The continuing battle of inclusiveness and diversity in club culture is worthy of a helluva lot more than a cup. But then again, how else would you let your cupboard know where you stand on political issues? Next time you invite a date in for coffee, you can let them know you are WOKE AF with every sip.

And this way, I’m putting my mind-fingers on you both when dancing in the wee hours of the night, as well as for breakfast the next morning. I’m turning this creepy without even trying.


Promo/live visual for Landmark

Sharing this thing I’ve cooked up for the next Nabovarsel event at Landmark. Taking a lot of visual input from my symbology project going on besides everything. I’ve even managed to recreate the shitty jpeg artefacts you get from bad video compression in after effects! (hot tip: duplicate layer > mosaic effect with uneven numbers and lowered opacity > dadaa)


Legend: Introduction


The following article will attempt to serve as a primer to a project I’m starting, that attempts to solve design problems, albeit communicated mostly through convoluted art-speak.


New Tees!


We finally have some really great tees in the shop! These are the closest we get to a DJ uniform I guess, as seen on the torso of… all the cool kids.

The tees are American Apparel, so top quality and more importantly made somewhat sustainably with workers getting paid real money. And for new listeners: Nabovarsel is the label/media empire we base the music around in this place, “Nabo” simply means neighbour.


Check it out



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