Hi! My name is Jacob, and I live and breathe design. I’m probably thinking about it while you’re reading this.
On this site, I blog about thoughts on the design field, show you the stuff I make, and try to discuss both our business and our art. From time to time, you will see glimpses into my alternate personality, the musician simply known as Lysgaard. I also maintain an online store, where you can find limited edition prints, magazines and other things I’ve been part of.

I’ve dedicated my professional life to finding the sweet spot between design and art, where I get to create things that speak directly to the recipient while maintaining substance. Both my commissioned and my personal work reflect this, as, in my view, any artwork is incomplete when it fails to communicate, as is any design that fails to engage.

Currently, I’m working as a Senior Designer at AlfGundersen, as well as managing and creative directing the record label Nabovarsel and a bunch of other smaller projects. I also host the Nabovarsel Podcast and make music under the moniker Lysgaard.

You can read an interview I did with Grafill right here (Norwegian) if you like to get deep.

Feel free to get in touch! You can reach me at hei (at) jacoblysgaard.com.



Gold, Visuelt – small identity

Featured “Young Gun”, Raff design week

Met Stefan Sagmeister once. I was like, whatever.

Work experience

AlfGundersen—Senior Designer


SixtyBranding & Interaction designer


IssuuGraphic designer

NabovarselHead of design


BA in design,  Bergen academy of design and art

Bergen school of art

Sound design (FHS)