I thought I should update you on some dates I have coming up, since these are gigs I’m looking immensely forward to, and have been salivating over for some time. Last friday I played at Opera, which was amongst the best gigs I have had in a while; a packed room, an audience expecting to be surprised, and Olle Abstract raving like only he can. Sorry for the namedropping, but it happened, and it was super fun.

Saturday the 15th of march I’ll be playing alongside one of our heroes at Nabovarsel: Numbers label boss Spencer. That’ll be a blast like no other, I’m going to do ALL THE THINGS.

Then, on saturday the 22nd, I’m going to Oslo to play for an unsuspecting populace at Fisk&Vilt, I’ll be rocking the back yard, so the roof is already raised.

Aaand then, on April 11th, I’ll be playing next to my main man; Øde Øyvind, at Opera again. He’ll bring some RnB from a different planet, I’ll just.. go nuts, I suppose. Party like it’s 2014, we say.

Check out the Lysgaardsounds.com website for more up-to-date info, music videos, and other stuff! For those of you not in the know; I try to keep the music and the design parts of my life a little separated, since if you like one thing that doesn’t mean you must like the other. But at times, like this one, they bleed into each other. So there! Looking forward to meeting you on a dance floor in the future.




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