Yesterday, as I was sitting in my comfy chair watching game of thrones, my phone started humming. Nothing unusual there. At the exact same time my computers started chiming in with facebook message beeps. Strange. Then I saw on my phone that it was my good friend Jonas calling, whom I had previously anointed to go on stage for me at the Visuelt awards, in the off chance I would win a diploma or something off to the side.

I pick up the phone, and he sounds like he’s standing in a hallway. Hi Jonas I say, thinking maybe I got some small diploma, and he’s now left the awards. “Is there something you would like to say”, he says. “You are now on speakerphone on the PA system”. I think “Oh snap. Folketeateret is a pretty big place right?”.  Been some time since I was last there. The crowd roars back to me and cheers through a choppy phone line.

“Something to say”? Really?

I blurt out something like “wow, thanks… everybody gets.. a hug? Yeah.” I hear Jon Almaas congratulating me in the background, then Jonas hangs up and I have to call my parents.

Had I been a bit more forseeing, I would have thanked all you great people who were in the audience, for you are my friends and collegues, and every bit of that award is built from your greatness. When I raise my glass tonight, it’s for you.

Now let’s party!


Visuelt 02_jon-almaas


Foto: Espen Schivevisuelt_gull

Here’s a picture Jonas took. The gold was for the visual identity for Phonofestivalen, in the category small visual identity.

Video of the judges inside the article!

[vimeo // width=540]
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