big news-poppy

A disaster rarely comes alone is an old proverb where I come from, and it appears the opposite is also true.
Not only did I just win a mother flippin award, but I will also be changing up my day-to-day quite drastically going forward, as I have accepted a position in the design team at Sixty!

This change leads to me being able to focus more on the fun parts of life, meaning this blog, my music and the store, oh and playing games and going out with my friends. I will keep freelancing and making cool stuff with Nabovarsel amongst others of course, but now I get to filter out anything but the super fun projects.

I just want to kiss all of you right now, it’s thanks to you this awesome stuff happens.

Writing this, we are getting ready to head off to Barcelona and the Sonar festival for a week with the rest of the Nabovarsel crew. I’ll send you a postcard!

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