NaboCast Cover Great news! (although some of you may have heard already): We are waking up our podcast over at Nabovarsel, which has been in hibernation for some time. These new episodes are hosted by myself (speaking in Norwegian), and consists mainly of the most awesome people we could find, that have all taken the time to mix some of their favorite music for us. The most recent episode is by Kjetil Møster, making a pretty awesome mix of groovy jazz from distant planets, to stuff so weird it’s bordering on NSFW. Click the big’ol button below to get the podcast up in iTunes, details and listening at

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  On a personal note, I’m enjoying this return to radio talk greatly. Ever since I stopped making my weekly FM radio show at SRIB, I’ve missed sitting and chatting on a mic. Now this podcast will be a whole lot more focused than the hour-long rants on soul music and the coke habits of dead musicians from the radio, trust me. As we say in the business, stay tuned.

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