In the midst of everything else going on, I’ve put out this print as part of one of my pet projects; The Truth In Hard Places. This is the first print in that series, aptly named Truth #1.

The series is, in very short terms, about finding answers through struggle. Proper knowledge never comes easy. I could go on about how this motif makes sense and yada yada, but I fear it only makes sense to me.

This first print is available as a giclee print through Society6, here. You can even get it as a phone cover or a laptop thingy, if you’re into that jazz.

My other big project, for the phono festival, is going peachy. After two full weeks of drawing non stop and making my hands look like broken twigs, the composition finally makes sense. Can’t wait to show you the whole thing! (It even shares elements with this print, actually). Sneak peeks at facebook!



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