The video of the guy in Oregon having built an “Ewok village”, basically a bunch of tree-houses, have been making the rounds on all sorts of blogs now. But have a look at the project behind this video, and you find FairCompanies, a website hub about simple living, sustainability and other, broader concepts. It’s a treasure drove of cool videos about new ways of thinking about living, and well worth the watch.

I’m getting to be the age where there’s a lot of glands making me wanna build stuff. A two-by-four now gives me the feeling I used to get from action figures and racing cars, plus tree-houses never stop being fun, right?

As a firm believer in responsible and sustainable design, I’m also very intrigued by these houses being made from pre-fabs and retired shipping containers. My first thought was that the insulation has to be a huge issue, but containers made for refrigeration and freezing are extremely well insulated, making them a great starting point for.. many things. Insert your own post-apocalypse joke here.
Videos after the break!

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