I love the new look that Google just rolled out for Gmail and its related services.

But it made me think of one little improvement; something that could reduce my inbox count to its happiest state of zero in no time (and yours, too).
When arriving at work to sort through all the new mails, I have to either click into each one separately and delete/archive/label them, or in the inbox, select the ones I want to archive, then click archive, than go through the list again if something needs to be deleted, and so on.

So this is my idea. When hovering over a new mail in the inbox, delete/archive/spam (maybe even label) buttons pop up, and you can go through your whole inbox like a magic wand, email receipts and stuff nicely stacked going towards the archive, boring newsletters hurled in the trash.
I even made you a little mock-up of what it might look like, to give you an idea.

What do you think?

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