Huzzah! My track Singsiri, which has been in the works for some time – and some of you might have heard an early version of already – is finally finished and ready to hit you guys right in the face.

You are all very welcome to download it for totally free right here, and if you are a music nerd like me, you can find it at Soundcloud, too.
Free stuff is awesome. Awesome stuff is awesome. Merry christmas guys.

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And if you are now asking yourself  “What, music? Weren’t you a designer guy?”  Then the answer is yes and yes. I do this too. When I make music I simply use my last name, so if you see a Jacob in front, it’s a design thing. Confusing? Not at all. Don’t believe me? I have a website for it and everything. Now go listen to some music already.

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Get the deets on new design stuff!

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