astronaut girl!Did you just upgrade to iOS5 on your iPhone/iPad/whatever? Yeah, me too. One small feature they added without anyone noticing, it the ability to use your own ringtones for various alerts, not just the main ringtone when someone calls. So, naturally, I went completely overboard and made you a musical theme, a whole suite of sounds way better than the boring default ones.

The theme is called “Humans”, as it’s basically made from robots telling you what is going on with your phone. So instead of trying to remember that the “bzzoing” sound means “new tweet”, your phone will just tell you; “new tweet”, in a robot voice.

And if you’re thinking about getting a new phone with the fancy new virtual intelligence Siri, this is the perfect robot companion.

The main ringtone is a bit more fancy of course, a Nintendo inspired composition to psyche you out while you scramble between the sofa cushions for your phone.

Here’s how to get it installed on an iPhone/iPad/iPod:
1: Download the file from the bottom of this post, and  un-zip the contents.
2: Drag the  m4r-files into iTunes.
3: plug in your iPad/iPhone/iPod, go into the “ringtones” tab and make sure “synchronise ringtones” are turned on, and synch your device.
4: go into the settings tab on your device, then “sounds”. Here you can change all the ringtones to your liking.
5: You’re done! Have someone call you or send yourself a tweet to celebrate.



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