Untz Untz, a record label run by two friends of mine in Bergen, are about to release a single for Njaal, which is a guy you may have heard about before around here. The cover art was done by Uniforms and Dropouts, and label boss Eirik  asked me to help out with the typography treatment. And I am happy to oblige, of course.

It’s worth to note that this is my all-time favourite track from Njaal, so I’m very happy to be part of it in any way. I’ve used early pre-released versions of this track as secret Dj weapons, and watched the audience go nuts to these beautiful arpeggio lines. I mean, just listen to it!

This is the first version I did, taking the dirty cover around for a spin with some glitter. The idea of fake gold I thought had a good connection with the rest of the cover. The typeface is Airship. 

In the end, I would up going at it from a different approach, to try to match the grittiness of it instead of contrasting it. Typeface is Tondu, here goes. 

In other, more personal news, things are going just dandy here in Copenhagen. I’ve made lots of new friends, and the hunt for clients and friendly agencies is going good. I just had a great meeting with Nille from Goodmorning Technology, and I’m meeting lots of cool folks over at Likemind.
I’m also keeping pretty busy with several projects that you will hear about soon on this very blog, so stay tuned and you’ll hear all about it!

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