This is an illustration I did for my recent print portfolio update. Did not end up using it, however.

In other news, I got interviewed by the girls from Fin mag a few days ago, in addition to the one I did together with Kiyoshy for the Raff week in Bergen. Neither are published yet, so keep your pants on. (EDIT: the Fin mag interview is live, at Also, you might have gotten the memo earlier about me and my missus packing up and moving to Copenhagen. We’ll be hanging around being so damn danish you wouldn’t see the difference between us and a  slice of salami.
Speaking for myself, I’ll go into overly social mode, attending everything and shooting business cards around with a cannon. If you know any decent design offices in the big C, let me know!

Expect lots of updates with pastry based photography in the coming weeks. No, I’m kidding. Although probably not.

Here is a quick shot of the street level of our new apartement. Peace.


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