Hey, I just got my new print portfolio back from the printers! Being the new kid in town in Copenhagen means I need something to show I can walk the walk, whenever someone wants to talk shop.

I’ve chosen a pretty unconventional format, A5. It’s way easier to handle than a bulky A3 folder, and the way it will be used, it will work way better in a lookbook format. I’ve also printed six copies, so VIP’s can have one to keep. Each project gets a title page on colored 80gram paper, and the pieces themselves gets a whopping 200 grams. It’s practically a stack of postcards.
I’ve also glue-bound them myself, a surprisingly simple method of getting a very professional finish.

Our fancy camera is outta town, so the documentation is all with my smaller camera. But the pieces should speak for themselves, I guess.

The rest of the weekend were spent the real street finals, with these darlings:

By the way, you can download the whole rag to watch on your computer right here.

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