I must admit; I know very little about design history. In school, we agreed to reject all our heroes, we would not be held down by our own comparisons with these agreed upon masters, the shakers and makers of our profession. Our own misconceptions about our skill levels or talent can rob you of your own self-worth, and we wanted to learn from the masters without losing ourselves at the same time. Time spent drooling over inspiration blogs are negatively proportionate to the time making things.

A bi-product of this, is of course that I find myself at times ignorant to the people other colleagues adore and hold up as design deities. And so, I will not pretend to have an intimate knowledge of today’s theme; Dieter Rams. I had heard of his name and knew him to have done something for Braun at some point, but that was about it. And as you can see from the videos below, I should be ashamed of myself for not being well versed in his cosmology of design. At any rate, I would like to introduce you to him, in light of a recent music album, called “music for Dieter Rams” by Jon Brooks, a work inspired by his designs.

His 10 commandments of design seems to be a good starting point for a series of print designs. I’m telling you as a way to push myself to do it, of course.

You can read more about the album at CDM, if you like.

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