With myself being held up with my exam project, it’s time to give heed to some other cats. I’ve been waiting to say a few words for a little while about one of Norways best rappers, and a man I get to call my friend; Verk.

Most rappers these days take the fastest train to club bangers and radio friendly hits(not necessarily a bad thing though), but Verk manages to stay clear of all the hubbub without sacrificing a thing. He’s been doing his thing uncompromisingly for soon a decade now (if my maths are still any good), and has become, I will say, a stellar poet. And after this years concert at By:larm, even more people have started to see what this guy is about.

Chance has it he’s playing a show this very Thursday at Victoria, with a pretty interesting band constellation, too. If you like the sounds and want to hear more, go give him a thumbs up on facebook.

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