This is an update for my degree project, due in early may. Read more about it here. Long story short, I’m making a visual system to augment, enhance and communicate the contents of an electronic music concert.

I’ve come up with a grid based on isometric geometry, that all the projections will emerge from. This grid begins in the physical space, based on two tables on the stage, and continues into the virtual space, projected onto the space behind the artist. To get a clearer idea, sit really close to the screen and stare at the above picture for a while.
Also, the concert is being played by the physical artist, who plays the “live” bits, and virtual artists, playing the pre-recorded parts. I’ve written a lot more about this subject here.

So, on to the fun stuff. Here is a test of having sound effecting objects:

And here’s me testing an intro for the whole thing, basically drawing up the grid part by part, albeit a bit hastily for the sake of the experiment:

Here is the music piece I will be using. It’s a version of one of my own track Three tails. The music is in no way the focus of the project, and I won’t be judged based on it at all. But it would be kind of silly with a silent concert, so this is the case I’m using.
Three tails BA edit (work in progress) by lysgaard sounds

Visually, these things are simple and banal, but in finished form and context, it will be smashing. At least in my head, it is.

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