I just got home from a great couple of days in Oslo, representing at the release of the third edition of Kokong, an illustration and literature magazine. The mag is made by Max Alexander Berg, Olav Starheimsæter, Kristian Haukland,
Marte Veys Berg and Natasha Lid Bjørdalsbakke, mostly coming from Westerdals school of communication in Oslo(if I’m not completely mistaken).

Max, one of the guys behind the magazine, approached me in a few months ago, the result of that conversation being a limited edition silk screened art print, included in every copy of the mag. The print is a variation on the ut å løpe theme, and fits neatly inside a pocket inside the magazine.
The whole publication is more a crazy experiment in package design and origami than an ordinary magazine, and a brilliantly executed and successful one at that, I’d say.

Other illustrators in the third edition includes talents such as Dan Stafford (did the cover), Ville Savimaa, Micah Lidberg, and Sergio Haisch. Words by  Kaja Svarva Denstad, Jo Fenne, Mathias R. Samuelsen, Ola Knoll Nielsen, Victoria Durnak, Andes Lunde, Jakob Skjelbred and Thomas J.R. Marthinsen.

The availability of the magazine is still a bit in the blue, I’ll update the post as we find out where you can actually get your hands on a copy.
EDIT: The magazine (all three editions) is now available in the store! I’m amazed it all worked out so smoothly, and I am delighted to see it in my virtual store shelves, it fits right in. Go have a look!

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