As you may have noticed, things have changed around here.

This new version of the site comes after a good two years with the old one, equaling about twenty in internet-years. This time around, things are cleaner, the grids are more clear, and the whole content hierarchy has been cleaned up. Oh, and the new one loads four times faster than the old. I have some additional speed improvements coming up shortly too, so hang tight.
Oddly, the hardest part was getting the footer just right. So scroll all the way down and feast your eyes on that beauty, eh? Too bad it’s the last thing people see in here.

The shop have also gotten an overhaul, with nice new photos of all the prints, and some other minor improvements here and there. For new readers, this is how this place used to look(yuck!):

How do you like the new looks? Feedback is appreciated!

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Get the deets on new design stuff!

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