I just started the first work on my final exam project, and I’ll post regularly about it as it moves forward.

In the project, I try to explore ways to bring the audience of an electronic concert closer to an understanding of the music, through visualizing and interpreting the performance.
In electronic music, most artist stand on stage (many even sit on chairs while playing, what kind of signal is that) look like they’re checking their email. Electronic instruments are ubiquitous objects, usually incomprehensible to the audience. So I try to engage the audience more, and give them a larger understanding of what happens, through visual communications.

Right now I’m kind of stressed out, since the definitions of the product itself is still completely unknown to me, and I have a mountain of work to do. But it’s fun work, so I’m not really worried. Here are some of my initial inspiration, if you would like to watch where my head is at right now. I’ve also set up a process reference blog at javalightmagic.tumblr.com, and I’ll post my own sketches and further work right here. See you soon!

Hiroaki Umeda | Duo | while going to a condition from www.labomatique.com on Vimeo.

a story of light from Jerome Monnot on Vimeo.

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