Photo: (c) Eirik Lande

I just got back from By:Larm, a scandinavian festival for up-and-coming bands and artists. I am the “visualist” for the band Put Your hands Up For Neo-Tokyo, and the whole festival was mostly about getting more stage time and accumulating experience on being on the road.
My own visual presentation is far from finished, and is presented as a work in progress. The festival didn’t allow for visuals actually, so we had to cut special deals with the venues directly, which worked out OK, with me putting up projections in the ceiling and the side of the stage. The band played like there was no tomorrow though, the two best gigs I ever heard them play. And the reviews were pretty awesome too.

You can listen to the band at the facebook page, and check out some photos from the trip at a separate flickr account I set up for crappy hipstamatic stuff.

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