We are currently working a lot with pictograms, so I made this small series based on the local music scene, using Otto Neuraths ISOTYPE standard from the early 1900’s. See if you can name them all, without looking at the names!

Let’s start with the biggest international icon of all, to warm up:

Here’s another international act, slightly harder. Bald guy with a blazer, come on.

All right, enough playing around. Here’s the rundown of the Bergen Hall of fame (images link to their websites):

By the way, did you notice they’re all white boys? Sorry girls, there’s a lot of talented chicks in town, but none of you have any really big noses or small heads or something. Sure, I could put up four girls and a guitar, but that would be every girl band out there. Annie, can’t you start wearing a rubber duck costume at all times? Would make my job easier, thanx.

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