Over the weekend we (Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo, this time) went on a mini-tour, playing at Hulen in Bergen and Tou Scene in Stavanger at the NuMusic festival.
I tried to document the trip as good as I could, here goes:

Geir pulling apart the synths, ready to go from the studio

Everybody ready? All right, let’s go.

Check out the whole set inside the article!

Sound check at Hulen. Mathias gigging up.

My brilliant colleges Grandpeople is doing our graphic stuff. Here seen setting up the projector

Geir making himself a nice shadow

The local culinary delights available on the ferry is just… Astounding.

Getting cozy, ready for sound check

This… object was found inside the flightcase for one of the synths. Must have gotten there somewhere between our gig at Hulen and present. What. The. Duck.

No photos from the gig itself, I’m afraid, we were busy playing. This is me after, backstage. Tired.

After managing to cash out our 40+ beer vouchers and sneaking it from the venue to the hotel, we had ourself a serious afterparty alongside Skatebaard & Annie. Bård tried to go around knocking on random doors. What a dude.

The next morning, everyone in tip top shape. On camera, at least.

Last coffee before the long haul home. huh. Thanx for the ride.

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