As some of you might have read between lines and on twitter lately, I’m about to open up a little web boutique for my prints.

I’ve been getting a lot better at screen printing this last year, with a pretty large pile of good ones under my belt now. They got popular quite fast, selling mostly to friends of friends and other people in the know. And since feedback has been so good on the prints, I am now opening this little shop to spread the word. We aren’t open for business just yet, since at the time of writing I’m in France and unable to ship any orders.
But as soon as I get back home the virtual doors will open fully and I can put acid-free paper into cardboard tubes before you can say sunscreen.

For the sake of transparency, you can have a look at the store at its current state, although you won’t be able to purchase anything just yet. If you are interested in any of the prints, just check back in a couple weeks. And if you just like them, tell your friends!

I am going to release an all new, even bigger print simultaneously with opening the store, at a pretty steep discount as an opening offer. So be sure to check that out while the offer lasts!

Rest assured that I spend every waking minute here in France (that I’m not in the pool) sketching away at new stuff to make. And I’ll remember to bring a proper camera to the workshop next time, it’s a lot of fun to watch all these machines go at it. Allé á la Piscine! (or something like that)

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