Just wanted to share this brilliant video, Super sexy CPR. It is of course a promotional video for Fortnight Lingerie, a very small scale Canadian lingerie shop it appears, with an Etsy shop and everything.

This is what American Apparel could have been, if they thought a bit about concept, instead of just pushing woman bits in our faces on general principle.

I’ll try to elaborate a bit:
The woman bits in this video are there for a reason, thus making it okay, in a way. The “woman bits industry”, exemplified by American Apparel, really has no excuse. They just squeeze in nipples everywhere they can because they know it sells more socks. In a way, American apparel could possibly get away with it if they conjured up a better context and syntax for their ads. What on earth that last bit means, I’ll let you sit and think about. Unless you are to busy thinking about all the exposed flesh in the video, in which case you already failed.

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