Time has come to finally release my freshiest mixtape yet; the first mixtape in a series for my new club The Set Up. This mixtape is titled Side A: The girls, as the B side will be a mix for the boys, to come at a later date. This time though, I’m really getting in touch with my feminine side. Damn, is this tape ever cheezy. But that’s a good thing. Really good.

The Set Up – Side A: The girls by djtotem

You can download the mixtape right from the download button in the player, or, if you would like a zipped copy with album art and all, I have one of those for you here.

this is a party mixtape, a mixtape to dance ’till your clothes fall off and start makin babies to, not a high-brow tape to impress other djs. Girls are supposed to want to put this in the deck when they want to party out, but my dj colleges can enjoy it also, there are some pretty fancy stuff going on there as well.

One of my main goals with this mixtape was to convey my playing style as I play my gigs. Mixtapes are generally a lot more low-key and background-friendly than live recordings, but I wanted the whole mix to carry the same energy and feel as my live sets. And boy, is that hard. The goal is to make people at home, listening on their shitty laptop speakers, to jump around and dance like they were in the club (or at least they should want to do that).

The result is a mixtape where not a single bar of music is left alone, if there’s not much happening in the song at any given moment, it’s my responsibility to make it so. Most of the tape is so heavily mixed that it comes through like a continuous, hour-long tapestry of sound, again, like my sets. I use accapellas and instrumental versions of the songs, together with my sonic arsenal and some heavy duty, on the fly remixing to really turn this motha out, while at the same time trying to give it some time to breathe where it needs to.

I got the habit of shouting on the mic over the records from my radio days – some times we played exclusive or unreleased tracks, and so we had to talk over the records to avoid people bootlegging them. And when I spin reggae, it’s a must. So now it’s a part of the act, together with the scratching, the drum machines, the cowbells and so on.
This thing opens up at a calm 95BPM, and quickly pulsates up to 125. So if the mixtape seems a  bit calm at first, don’t be fooled. I have a dance-or-get-your-money-back-guarantee!

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