press photo with APC and drum sticks

I just uploaded a couple new things to the interspace, so I thought I should share.

This first track is a work in progress, working title Three tails. A moody arpeggio sketch, trying to pinpoint a disorienting theme.
Three tails 1.3 (sketch) by lys

And this one, this is interesting. Ras is an ancient track for me, back from, oh, about 2005. I found it buried on my computer, and it still feels like one of those flying dreams when I hear it. it was built on inspiration by the dub master Scientist, and the track as a whole is borderline ridiculous, but that’s the way I like it. I remember spending days on end barely eating, getting close, intimate and sweaty with this synth sound.
Ras by lys

There’s more over at Soundcloud, if I managed to tease your ears a little.

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