I was asked by Emilio, grand master of Nabovarsel, if I wanted to contribute to their forthcoming publication. This gave me the chance to work more on my editorial design skills, so I was happy to oblige!

This project is a bit special though, the entire publication will be distributed strictly digitally, through usb sticks and the web. Thus, the magazine must be optimized for being read on-screen, and potentially printed out by the readers, if that’s their thing. The brilliance about this is that when you’re not bucked down by print costs, you can fill up the magazine with tons of good stuff, and not have to worry about the price.
Future editions will most likely work with the ipad and its similar incarnations, too. We’ll see.

UPOP.no has a case on the magazine, here.

This is some work in progress, for an article page. Click to enlarge.

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