I’ve done some work with the laser cutter at school, and man, is that thing awesome! I can’t post everything at once, due to some… Christmas present issues, but this I can show; the REWIND! medallions. These will be distributed among the select few Djs who have grazed our club with their presence over the years.

laser rewind

A lot of you are probably familiar with REWIND!, but for those who are not, it has been the label that myself among others have placed on a lot of our DJ shows over the last years. I am, however, announcing that I’m putting this concept on ice for now, I’ll be starting a brand new concept come january, with some fresh blood in the mix. So these can be considered our retirement gold watch. You’ll get the whole story on the new concept later, though.


The medallions have been cut from my crates full of rubbish music from the 70’s. These ones were actually cut from a Julio Englesias record (Libra, if you must know). Its kinda cool the way the material makes you look twice, I think.
Sorry for posting so little pictures, but when all presents are opened and all surprises are out, I can give you the whole thing.


dsc_0042raw_export_full img_0258_1

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