Just finished another Visual for the local it-crowd, aka Nabovarsel. Some pretty simple stuff really, not trying to invent anything new in this one. Both of the Nabovarsel visuals so far has had a bit similar technical concept, as they are made in Adobe after effects, with folding  cutouts as the main premise. So the next one will probably be quite different. Plus, I had just a few hours to finish this, so the product is far from polished. The typography is rediculous, for instance. Oh well.

If you don’t really understand what the vid is of, it’s a Norwegian tradition having advent calenders, inside every date there is a piece of chocolate or similar, to keep you going ’till christmas as a kid. Or adult, in my case.

I have some lofty plans for the live visuals at the main event, as I’m gonna link up a bunch of old CRT monitors to show the same visual at different places in the venue. I’ll probably show some pics if it goes well. In the meantime, you can follow me on the T-bird, too.

nabovarsel visual 2 from Jacob Lysgaard on Vimeo.

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