Saturday was the day for a new experiment at Nabovarsel. . What i did was, i filmed the djs playing with a webcam, greenscreening them on top of a video edit i made (that’s the space stuff in the video). Then i split up the video feed, and sent it to some old CRT monitors placed around the club. And voila! DJs in space! In the future i hope to repeat the endevour, but with a lot more screens, I’ll try to get my hands on some old TVs and stuff to really draw some power. I made a little video of the event to illustrate:
EDIT:I repeated the experiment, but bigger and badder, at Landmark this saturday. Landmark just got themselves this friggin huge LED projector, and it’s a dream using it. Here is the video of that too:

cosmos: bigger and badder from Jacob Lysgaard on Vimeo.

Cosmos greenscreening from Jacob Lysgaard on Vimeo.

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