Finally the fruits of my labour recently, namely this site, are ready to be shared. I have made the theme i made for this place freely available to you all, if you wish to adopt the same look. Read on for some techno babble about building web sites!

The blog you’re looking at (at its current state, that is)  is a product of three things; WordPress, the blogging platform, Thematic, a theme framework and Thessia, my own nifty little creation.

Thessia is what makes this site look like it does. I built it during the summer months of ’09, and was a serious piece of work. But now let’s share it!
If you like what you see here, you can now get this theme for yourself too. Large areas in the header area are open for customizing, and since it’s built on the Thematic framework, it’s rock solid at its core.
To use it, you have to get Thematic first, then go ahead and download Thessia. If you have read this far, i reckon you know how to activate themes in WordPress.The Thematic site has extensive information about this.

You can read more about the theme, my site in general and how these things work at my post about the new looks.

Shout out in the comments if you have issues, it should be quite straight forward. Just remember I’m not responsible for Thematic troubles, WordPress troubles, or your marriage.

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Get the deets on new design stuff!

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