film_120_3-3Just got some wonderful rolls back from the lab!

It’s been a while since i was the most active lomographer in the country, but i still cling to all my old cameras. Digital photography is convenient, but seriously, if you want all the warmth and.. i dunno, goodness, of photography, film is the only way to go.

Unfortunately, when everyone else in the world have gone digital, developing film is a bit harder. Plus, i mostly shoot on cross processed 120-film, which is kinda like showing up at a party as the dj with.. cassettes or something. You get the idea.

When i finally found a shop that would take my funky films (after 1 phone call, 2 emails and a trip to every single photo shop in town), it turns out my film is being sent to Stavanger, developed by hand (the machines won’t take it), and presto. Maybe my best accidental photography work as of yet. Most certainly not the most technically proficient work, but by far the most fun to shoot. Take  a look!

PS. for any locals reading, the wonderful photography shop is the tiny one right down from Pepper. I reckon he makes his living changing batteries in wristwatches these days.

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