Just wanted ‘yall to know, I’ll be hard at work in the silk screening workshop for two weeks with the guys, trying to re-invent the craft. Expect some incredulously awesome prints to come forth when we finish.

EDIT: All done! Here are one of the prints i was kinda happy about.The technique is partly regular silk screening, part werd silk screening. Par example, I used masking tape directly on wet emolution and ripped it off to make some kind of rocky texture.

This print is available for purchase in the new store, if you would like one. Only 16 prints made, and this is a three color print, making it a bit more fancy than usual.

We are working with our brilliant deacon of the design department to get an exhibition up and running as soon as we finish, too. You were warned.
The picture shows a simple scrapbook i made from left over paper for the project.

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