ultra magenta frames

While poking around finding strange software and being inspired by things such as The Mighty Boosh, i figured i wanted to make a game. Let me rephrase that; an audio-visual experience-thing.
Acctually, lets just call it a game for now.


Long story short, i wanted to see how i can package some awesome visual things, cool sounds, awesome music and of course myself as the protagonist, into a game setting.
This thing I’m creating is a really old school experience, the gaming experience will be much like old game titles such as Police Quest and Raiders of the lost ark.I’m using AGS to build the game, Photoshop and lots more for visuals and god knows what and everyhing else for sound. Just got my new 6 000,- sound interface the other day, let’s try and squeeze something outta that one.

I’ll come back when i have something more to show, for now some animation shots of me walking sideways with no pants. A-W-E-S-O-M-E-.

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