Yeehaw! I finished soldering together my first dub siren some time ago, so now it’s time to share! I made a quick video with me playing it, and took some pictures while I made it. A heapload(nice word, no?) of thanks to Dave from superset sounds for helping me out with it, i built it based on his original schematics.
The box is an old shaving box from the early 1900’s, and yes, i soldered the whole thing myself from scratch. Thankyouverymuch.

I’m planning on streamlining the production a bit  (this one took me ages to make) and making some more, with custom built wooden casings, hopefully laser engraved. Give me a holler in the comments of what you think, or if the new ones i’m making sounds worth bying. I’ll post about them too of course, when i get them made that is.

Dub siren v1.1 from Jacob Fantastisk on Vimeo.
dub siren 3
dub siren 1
dub siren 2

EDIT: the complete rubdown of my dub siren project is now live, check it out here!

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