Nabovarsel poster collection

I’ve collected some of the posters from over the years in the portfolio!

Oh lord so many

Lysgaard Loves: October


Another month, another playlist of favourites! This time I’m including a lot of club tracks from shopping carts across Juno, WhatPeoplePlay, Bleep and others.

Gotta get a little clubby when the rain sets in after all, the best dancing happens when the windows are getting foggy and you have a warm lamb ragu in you. Happy dancing!


Identity design for Space Lab


The identity design I made for Space Lab this summer is now represented in the portfolio! It was a super fun project, taking inspiration from the twilight zone between humanism, science, nature and technology.

This kinda stuff fits me like a glove, I would be thinking about the interconnection between the simple and detailed, the nitty gritty of nature versus the clean surfaces of the man-made all day long, if someone paid me to. Go have a look in the portfolio to see the whole project!


Check it out!


I made a jam you can download

I just got some new hardware to play with, and recorded this live jam after an hour or so of tinkering. Can’t wait to use this stuff in some more advanced musical pieces!

In the meantime, you’re free to download this one all you want. =)



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