Nabovarsel poster collection

I’ve collected some of the posters from over the years in the portfolio!

Oh lord so many

Playing in Oslo & Bergen

After a few months locked in the studio, I’m about to have things to show you. This weekend seems to be the start for some of it. Hopefully I’ll be able to give you some proper soundcloud links and whatnot in not tooooo long. It’s always the last 10% that takes 90% of the time, you know.


Come friday, I’ll be premiering my new live set in Oslo, doing a couple known tracks but mostly brand new stuff that haven’t been released into the wild before. Some piano jams from that great standing piano in our apartment, some bass grooves that hits right in the 40Hz.



And right after that, on saturday, I’ll do one of the closing sets for the last day of Ekko. I’ll probably take some elements from the live gig with me, at least doing some live drum programming. Hope to see you at any of the things, if you’re in any of the towns!

Nabovarsel podcast #21


We just whipped up another episode of the podcast, with a mixtape from our Nabovarsel alibi in Oslo, Bonjour Tristesse!

Open podcast in iTunes


In other news, I somehow got through my talk at Bergen Design Story, a part of the Raff week of design. I tried to say some smart stuff about working in the overlapping space between design and art, and the pitfalls in working with those two things at once. Think it went all right. Here’s me, not being nervous at aaaaaall:


Watercolor writing

writing with watercolor

Water&Paper&Pigment. This is a great job some times (most of the time really). The music in the video is an unreleased track I’m working on, called Trebles (working title).

Mixtape: Sandviken Parish

Here is a mixtape I just put out, just me, a bunch of buttons and dials and a microphone. This is a slow one, I’ve collected the most sludge moving, meditative and chill tracks from the last months.

This fall we (nabovarsel) will be playing at Den Elleville Festen and also curating some cool bands that will be playing with us that night. I’ll also play the Ekko festival and with BG Baarregaard in a few weeks, so plenty of music stuff happening. Check out the website if you wanna see the dates and come hang out and dance.

Enjoy the mix while there’s still some summer left!

Summer reading list


I’m trying (and so far, succeeding) in getting a lot of reading done this summer, since little proper work can be done in this magnificent heat we are having. So I present to you, my reading list for the coming weeks. Here are some classics that should be a prerequisite for membership in adult society (long overdue for me), and some weird and funny books, too.
A considerable part of this stack is based on recommendations and notes by the great Carl Sagan, and deals with things like the nature of consciousness (and in the case of Heaven And Hell, in relation to art history) and the history of civilisation and culture.

The Doors Of Perception & Heaven and Hell I found to be intensely inspirational, not for its descriptions of the effects of chemical hallucinogens on the mind, but for its research on the history of art and society related to chemical imbalances in humans in general. Make an art show, tell people not to eat or sleep for two days before seeing it. People will see some shit.

Aldous Huxley – The Doors of Perception & Heaven And Hell
Aldous Huxley – Brave New World
Herbert J. Muller – The uses of the past–Profiles of former societies
Franz Kafka – The trial (Prosessen)
Terry Pratchett – The science of discworld IV–Judgement day

How about you guys? Got books?


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