Lysgaard Leverer: Episode 01


Oh snap. You like music? Good. How about Norwegian, you good with that? Okay fine, give it a listen anyways.


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Played in this episode:

Give A Little More (DJ Who remix)
Skatebård – The Bells of Mist
Lysgaard – Bass Ventura
Four  -Kill Frenzy
Juliet Sikora – Larry’s Garage
Merle – Mimi Likes To Dance
Thunderbird Juicebox – Netflix and Chill

Our podcast is expanding!


The time is finally here. The time when at last, I get some damn company at our podcast, or as we can now proclaim, we are making the move from just a programme to a damn radio station.
The nabovarsel podcast network™ now has three regularly occurring programmes in the main feed:

—My regular ol’ music programme where I show you some cool music—except now I pick some cool tracks individually and talk about them, in addition to commissioning mixtapes from our awesome network of superstar Djs like we always have.

—Emilio’s interview programme where he talks to important and/or interesting people in culture generally and music specifically, and

—Mario & Kinolars’ programme (plus Emilio as moderator/babysitter/) where they count down to the new Star Wars film by going through JJ Abrams’ filmography one project at the time, making fun of everything in the process.

Did I mention we beat “Ingefær podcast” in the iTunes ranking?


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Super Science Friends!

With all the spooky stuff going on in the world today, here is a nice short-term remedy: Super Science Friends!

It’s created by Brett Jubinville, and the animations (by Tinman studios) is so damn classy you guys, so classy. It’s currently blowing up on kickstarter, so check it out.  First episode is free, like any respectable dealer would tell you:



Lysgaard Loves: November 2015

Have you looked out the window lately? Yeah, fuck that. Le!t’s stay inside and dance in our underwear instead.

Time for this month’s playlist. Make sure you click the subscribe thingy, so it shows up in your spotify library!





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