Watercolor writing

writing with watercolor

Water&Paper&Pigment. This is a great job some times (most of the time really). The music in the video is an unreleased track I’m working on, called Trebles (working title).

Mixtape: Sandviken Parish

Here is a mixtape I just put out, just me, a bunch of buttons and dials and a microphone. This is a slow one, I’ve collected the most sludge moving, meditative and chill tracks from the last months.

This fall we (nabovarsel) will be playing at Den Elleville Festen and also curating some cool bands that will be playing with us that night. I’ll also play the Ekko festival and with BG Baarregaard in a few weeks, so plenty of music stuff happening. Check out the website if you wanna see the dates and come hang out and dance.

Enjoy the mix while there’s still some summer left!

Summer reading list


I’m trying (and so far, succeeding) in getting a lot of reading done this summer, since little proper work can be done in this magnificent heat we are having. So I present to you, my reading list for the coming weeks. Here are some classics that should be a prerequisite for membership in adult society (long overdue for me), and some weird and funny books, too.
A considerable part of this stack is based on recommendations and notes by the great Carl Sagan, and deals with things like the nature of consciousness (and in the case of Heaven And Hell, in relation to art history) and the history of civilisation and culture.

The Doors Of Perception & Heaven and Hell I found to be intensely inspirational, not for its descriptions of the effects of chemical hallucinogens on the mind, but for its research on the history of art and society related to chemical imbalances in humans in general. Make an art show, tell people not to eat or sleep for two days before seeing it. People will see some shit.

Aldous Huxley – The Doors of Perception & Heaven And Hell
Aldous Huxley – Brave New World
Herbert J. Muller – The uses of the past–Profiles of former societies
Franz Kafka – The trial (Prosessen)
Terry Pratchett – The science of discworld IV–Judgement day

How about you guys? Got books?

My brother’s massive graphic novel is now available


My brother Ola has been working on his Magnum Opus for over two years now, the graphic novel Haugson. And I’m telling you because it’s all finished now, and available in shops and stuff! He just came back from a small book tour in Stockholm & Oslo comics expo, getting rave reviews (or so I hear). More photos and things at his facebook page, too.

And don’t worry about language barriers, cause there ain’t no text in there, bruv. The entire story is told via, um, images.

You can buy it at various book shops in Norway, and of course right here in our webshop. If you’re lucky you won’t get one of the copies he took a bath in.

Go get it!

10312383_237712999757316_7629069392680903153_nola zines 2014-013



Lessons from a gig in Oslo

I was just in Oslo, playing a live/DJ-set hybrid thing in the back yard venue first, then a sweaty bouncy sexy set inside later that night. Three main ponts to take away:

1. Dattera til Hagen is… Amazing. about 1200 half-drunk, smiling, dancing people will leave that impression.

2. I need new luggage. The airport security is killing me every time. Or just take the train.

3. I could tour the world with this setup. Laptop with traktor & Maschine (synched), X1, Maschine Mikro and an LPK25, using the house mixer. Easy to set up, built like a tank.

Oslo musikkfest 2014-023 Oslo musikkfest 2014-030 Oslo musikkfest 2014-044

More pictures inside the article:

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