Nabovarsel poster collection

I’ve collected some of the posters from over the years in the portfolio!

Oh lord so many

I made a jam you can download

I just got some new hardware to play with, and recorded this live jam after an hour or so of tinkering. Can’t wait to use this stuff in some more advanced musical pieces!

In the meantime, you’re free to download this one all you want. =)


Woooop! We have some proper merch in the shop now, with the sort-of-slogan of ours.

You can interpret it as needed, for me it speaks about how when you do stuff in a super small niche of society (like we do), the prime movers probably knows how to handle a mop. In a good way. All your heroes live regular lives too. Don’t get distracted by fame or glamour, yo. Buy a mug.

Available in the shop!

Tee_2 Mug1

On my way to Berlin

I’m writing this on the bus to the airport right now, I’ll be spending the next week becoming ghetto famous or whatever in the techno capital of the world, or possibly just hanging out with my guys Tobias, Eirik & Henning. 

Before flying off I wanted to show you a short video from last saturday at Klubb Klubb, it just finished uploading before I left the house. Hope you are all moving butts this summer!

<3 Jacob



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