Nabovarsel poster collection

I’ve collected some of the posters from over the years in the portfolio!

Oh lord so many

On my way to Berlin

I’m writing this on the bus to the airport right now, I’ll be spending the next week becoming ghetto famous or whatever in the techno capital of the world, or possibly just hanging out with my guys Tobias, Eirik & Henning. 

Before flying off I wanted to show you a short video from last saturday at Klubb Klubb, it just finished uploading before I left the house. Hope you are all moving butts this summer!

<3 Jacob

Bygdalarm 2015

We just got back from Bygdalarm; a music festival deep in the fjords of Norway right on the precipice where the mountain meets the sea. I played a three-hour set on Friday, but stayed the duration of the festival due to peer pressure from weather, friends and booze. No photos or anything from the set though, partly because the mood was hard to really… document, but honestly I don’t want to worry about the moral ramifications of publishing photos of a naked throng of people drank dancing to a Ciara acapella.

An enormous amount of big ups goes to the festival people like Kjersti and Marieke (as well as all the others obviously) that made the trip beyond amazing. And if any of you are reading this, feel free to use the photos for your own bragging rights as well! If you’re just some random guy on the internet, not so much.

Hope ya’lls is having a brilly brill summer too.
<3 Jacob

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Lysgaard loves: July 2015

LysgaardLoves_July2015Yesterday was technically the first of the month, yes. But the new Nabovarsel podcast episode had paramount priority, so in stead you get the Spotify playlist of the HOTTEST TRAX from camp Lysgaard one day late. Are we cool? OK, good.

Here we go.



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