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Defying the shitty spring

This so-called spring just went up and left it seems, so I figured I should turn that frown upside down and go do some shooting in the woods while the snow was falling.

If you’re a Bergen local, you probably know some of these trees already!

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Lysgaard Leverer: episode 04


In the middle of an otherwise begredelig spring season, on a completely døll tuesday, we can’t help it but throw up the party factor considerably and deliver an episode full of crazy russians and london party boys. Lysgaard Leverer: Episode 04 is out!


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Cover art for “Human Again”

It’s always a treat making things with amazing music. This Atella remix is my jam right now, and it just som happens that I got to make the cover art for it. Turned out pretty good. Soundcloud and free download right hereHumanAgain_mockupHumanAgain_SmallSize


Where art, design and music bleed into each other: A grafill interview


I Just had a very compelling talk with Dorthe at Grafill about working in the space where art, design and music bleed into each other.

I can talk about these semi-academic themes of cultural osmosis and subconscious references until someone physically stops me, so I’m just happy to have someone write some of this stuff down. I have copied the interview in below, but you can read the whole thing in context over at grafill!

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