New design details for my music stuff

Just wanted to show you some new bits and pieces that are coming along for the music part of my brain. The record, now titled Assemble EP, is now delivered to mastering, and all the wheels are moving.. Can’t wait to have the vinyl in hand.

Meanwhile, some planning and test shooting for a music video is underway, hopefully I’ll be able to show you the final version of the cover art soon. The base design is ready, but of course the label (Maksimal) have to have their stamp on it as well.

This is a new header design, rolling out on all the social media stuff now. Designed by myself, we are a homegrown operation after all.

Speak soon.


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moodboard how to: 3 tips to make’em better



When discussing my design process with non-designers, it’s interesting to see what parts of my work makes sense to “civilians”, and what parts are shrouded in some sort of creative mystery.

And moodboards, a vital part of my process, appears to lie in some sort of a twilight zone between comprehension and mystery for a lot of people. read more…

Lysgaard Leverer: Episode 02


We just finished episode 2 of this funny little radio programme we have going on for Nabovarsel. I play some awesome tracks that you can dance to, basically. Let me know what you think, you can email us at levering @! Same address can also be used to send us tracks you are working on yourself, you know.


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Cover for “Introduction to Lackluster”


I used some scraps from other simultaneous projects I have going on (hope to show you those in a couple days) to make this simple cover art: uTeq, a local legend in hos own right, have mixed this introduction to Lackluster, a finnish artist.

I can only assume this will do great in the season we are in, when you are tired from endless barrages of christmas music. Lackluster is mostly known for some pretty atmospheric ambient stuff.

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