“Assemble” is now available in shops

“Regular people”, that is, people that don’t eat bass drums for breakfast and drink basslines for lunch, probably won´t understand just how big a thing this is.

Well, in my world this is pretty major. Look for me next time you leaf through the fresh batch in your local record shop! Assemble was launched at Robot in Bergen this morning and is being distributed across the nation and world as we speak. If you want to buy it directly from yours truly, you can do that right here.

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Live show at Blå + more

Hi guys! Good summer? Good. Me too. I just came back from a DJ-gig at Hjertøya festival, and a live show at Blå celebrating the vinyl release of my EP Assemble. Look for it in your local vinyl shop, or even better; get it straight from the source right here!


We tried to take some fun photos on the tour, so here goes. Peace emoji.

2016-07-29 21.51.01-1

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