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I’ve collected some of the posters from over the years in the portfolio!

Oh lord so many

Lysgaard loves: July 2015

LysgaardLoves_July2015Yesterday was technically the first of the month, yes. But the new Nabovarsel podcast episode had paramount priority, so in stead you get the Spotify playlist of the HOTTEST TRAX from camp Lysgaard one day late. Are wee cool? OK, good.

Here we go.

Lysgaard Loves: June 2015


So here’s a thing! I’ve done stints at making DJ charts previously but that’s boring and no one reads them. Proper playlists are way more fun! So in trying to reinvent the format a little bit, I’ll try to include songs that are good for just listening, not just club bangers (although there’s a few of those as well).

I’ll try to make more of these, so make sure to subscribe to my Spotify thing if you want to be in the loop. And of course you can subscribe to the playlist on your own spotify, so you can listen to whenever you damn well please.

Without much further ado then, here are the tracks you’re just gonna have to listen to this June:


Video from last night at Østre

jam city poster

Last night me and Øde Øyvind joined Jam City and Vilde Tuv in making butts move at Østre. We have been fans of Jam city for some time (Øde in particular) so getting to share the room with him was a treat. And Vilde, I mean, really. Either you get it or you don’t, we think we do. There’s no one else like her. She’s the best.

Øde’s brought a bunch of Grime and UK Bass, and I have been digging up nasty saturated kick drums and M1 basslines for a couple months now. It was a blast to play them to a kind of room it was meant to be played in!

I was looking forward to this gig greatly despite being pretty small, so I made sure to record the set! GoPro + the Zoom recorder from Nabovarsel HQ. the only thing missing is the sound of the guy creaming, “OH FUCK” when the bass dropped on Roff.

The May Method (volume II)

This weekend was a perfect storm of caffeine, sun and music here in Bergen. With such ideal conditions, a spark of an idea quickly turns to flame, and so this pretty fancy mixtape with waaay to much production quality came to life.



The inspiration feed

  • Poster - L'atelier F
  • Silkkikuikka - by Ma
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