Test pressings have arrived!

test pressings

Ooh, this is exciting.

Admir, my main man from Maksimal records, just stopped by with five test pressings of Assemble. It’s been out on streaming services for a little while now, but of course, vinyl is its own beast.

In related news, the record is also out on BandCamp today, if you like to a) download the tracks for real, if you wanna DJ with them for example, and/or b) support the people who made it directly, without Spotify getting all up in our business on the way.

But of course, vinyl is king, yeah yeah.

And yes, Dune (the book in the photo) is doing very good, well, Duke Leto Atreides is doing real bad (no spoilers) but we’ll best these Harkonnen bastards yet.

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New Tees!


We finally have some really great tees in the shop! These are the closest we get to a DJ uniform I guess, as seen on the torso of… all the cool kids.

The tees are American Apparel, so top quality and more importantly made somewhat sustainably with workers getting paid real money. And for new listeners: Nabovarsel is the label/media empire we base the music around in this place, “Nabo” simply means neighbour.


Check it out


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The inspiration feed

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  • 100% silk kasett-cov
  • 画像: 2/2【古田新太の次は宮沢りえ、
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