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Promo/live visual for Landmark

Sharing this thing I’ve cooked up for the next Nabovarsel event at Landmark. Taking a lot of visual input from my symbology project going on besides everything. I’ve even managed to recreate the shitty jpeg artefacts you get from bad video compression in after effects! (hot tip: duplicate layer > mosaic effect with uneven numbers and lowered opacity > dadaa)


Lysgaard Leverer: Episode 07


It was a cold Sunday in November when Lysgaard Leverer Episode 07 came out, you can tell your grandkids. The cover art is getting some “bleed-ins” from my other projects going on right now, you might notice an Inkal, which is from the Legend project.

In this episode we are checking out some new tracks from the following golden children:

  1. Second Storey and Appleblim – Gimme 6
  2. What’s Going On (Andy Caldwell’s Love Trumps Hate Remix)
  3. S4U – One Key
  4. Myra – hold-an
  5. Mignon – 808 Dunk
  6. Viers – Ichi ft. Yaeji (Vocal Edit) – Gitt ut på Godmode.
  7. Cray Crazy (Anhony Chase & Kevin Fauske remix)
  8. Atella x Frøder – Closer To Life
  9. Martin Waslewski – Callous
  10. Lysgaard – Number Eight Forgets His Medication
  11. Skatebard – Agfachrome-rsx-ii

Double single released

I just released two new songs,  “Number Eight Forgets His Medication” and the B-side, “A Small Opening Behind Cell Block D”. Check them out! Links to everything below the video. Here’s something from the press release:

Lysgaard’s doesn’t explain what the titles “Number Eight Forgets His Medication” and “A Small Opening Behind Cell Block D” really means, but if his previous work is anything to go by, we are moving through an absurdist version of Detroit Techno territory. The release follows up this summer’s vinyl release of “Assemble EP”, which sold out on Juno records in two days. Thankfully, digital doesn’t sell out that easily.
The cover art is supplied by the eclectic Belgian/Spanish illustrator Gabri Molist, featuring a short comic based on the two songs.

Juno Download:




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